Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well tomorrow is the big day! Troy's mouth will be un-wired! Yeah! He has been in such pain from all of the wiring and I can't imagine how that must feel. They have had Troy on some pretty heavy doses of morphine for the pain so today he was pretty loopy according to my mom. She said Kip (my oldest brother) has been faithfully going to see Troy every other day. I am sure this is tough, because just getting around Houston is a nightmare within itself. The hospital says Troy is recovering fairly good. He will be moved to TIRR (I think) next week and he might only have to stay there 2-3 weeks. Then he will do some sort of out patient rehabilitation therapy in Bay City and he will be staying with my parents for awhile. This is all that I know...we will be going back for Easter. Thanks for everyones continued prayers!


  1. Troy... I hope all goes well tomorrow! We will be thinking of you...

    Mari Jo

  2. Good job Troy! Hang in there.....
    Luv ya!!!!!
    Your friend from South of the border (Almost)

  3. Stay strong! i have you on my prayer list.