Thursday, March 19, 2009

Update #3

Not much to update on today. Parents were not able to go to the hospital today, they had to do some work. I did think this was cute when my mom told me, she said that Troy has a wonderful sitter with him today and she has taken such good care of him. This is the only sitter that seems to be able to let his arms go and he stays calm...he seems to like her. Anyways, my moms phone rings and she missed the call and when she got to it she noticed it was a call that came from the sitters phone. Troy wanted to call my mom and so she used her personal cell phone to call my mom so that Troy could hear her voice. The sitter said this calmed him so much...there's something about a mom that we always go to for comfort! He sat in a chair for about 5 hours (I think that is what they said.) His next surgery is scheduled for April 1st. They will be un-wiring his jaws. I am sure he will feel so much better after that is done. He was asking for eye surgery today, not sure what that is about. We are still waiting on his glasses to come in, and we are hoping that there is no vision loss. Only time will tell. I am just so proud of him and he does have the will to live!


  1. That sounds so good. I'm just going to read it again, a few times. Bless his sitter - she's truly admired from my eyes. Beautiful, too, that he had the touch of "peace" to clear his mind and call his mom. Reading that made my day =)

  2. Troy... My thoughts and prayers are you. You are a wonderful of the best!! My daughters Courtney and Stacie send their prayers as well. Get Well Soon we are all thinking of you.......My prayers for your wonderful parents as well...

    Mari Jo Gabriel