Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Angels on Earth

I began a scrapbook to collect information for my brother about his accident. One layout that I actually put together in about 30 minutes was, "My Angel on Earth". We were lucky enough to meet the girl who witnessed Troy's car accident and it is a miracle within itself. Meet Bonnie...her father was in a hunting accident in El Campo, Texas and for many of you who are from Bay City, you know right where this is. He has been in the trauma unit at Herman for a few months. She visits her father on a very regular basis. On the night of Feb. 21st she was driving home when my brother came up onto 59 and lost control. We knew nothing of this young women until one night my mother was visiting with a lady and her daughter walked in. My mom began to tell them our story. Bonnie said, "Oh my goodness, I was the one who witnessed his accident and I stayed with him until he was life flighted to the hospital. She was able to give us so many details about the wreck, that we may never have known. It was also a complete comfort to know that he had someone at his side...and she was his angel on earth. I will forever owe her my life for staying with him. When I met her, I couldn't even talk...all I could do is cry and tell her thank you. She told us exactly how he came onto 59 and lost control of his truck. He went across five lanes of traffic, not hitting a soul. Wrecked into the median wall and then went back over the five lanes and hit the other wall. She said when he went across the first time, it was amazing how all of the cars came to a complete hault...which I can't even imagine on such a busy freeway. I do have pictures of his truck...but I'd rather not post these. I hope you enjoy knowing that there are angels that walk this Earth...and Bonnie is one of them.

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