Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Update #2

Well, today I guess I was feeling a little jealous of Troy getting all of the attention, so I decided to sit back and let some IDIOT hit me from behind...Just Kidding. Well, not kidding about the fender bender, but kidding about the jealousy. My neck is hurting a little but in the scheme of all things I'll be fine. All I could do was say, "What a f***ing idiot!" and then my brother's wreck immediately popped into my mind and I started to get scared. On a more positive note: Troy had another good day considering. He is a little more rested and not so aggitated. They allowed his fingers to be free from restraints, so he's back to writing a few notes. One said that Tiger Woods owes him $250,000.00 Tiger if you out there....this sure would help him out right about now. He also wrote that the nurse got his drinking water from the shower and he wanted Ozarka. So he still has a sense of humor! The walked him on a walker today about 300 feet and my mom says he is so skinny. My mom did say they had to keep reminding him to stand up straight, he has a little trouble with this. I guess as he gets stronger this will get better. As far as the skinny part, i guess I'll have to fatten him up after they unwire his mouth. He says "Thank You" after anyone helps him with he is very grateful. Thanks for your continued prayers and wow he has had a lot of visitors to the blog...thank you and I hope you like it. Joey Luder is trying to help me get a paypal account set up for any donations, so check back if you are interested in helping Troy out. God Bless and NO MORE WRECKS!

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  1. Kent & Rhonda,
    Just want you to know that Earl & I are keeping your family lifted in prayer on a daily basis. God is able.

    Your Friends,
    Gae & Earl Siadous