Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Accident

Since I am just getting this blog up and running I guess I need to start off with the story of the accident. Many of you know the whole story, but I feel the day that Troy is able to read this, I want him to be able to see it from the beginning.

7:00pm Saturday February 21, 2009
My mom was begging Troy to pack his bags and come with us skiing. Troy refused and insisted nobody could control him. He told mom that he was eating dinner at neighbors house and he was running to the grocery store.

8:30pm Saturday February 21, 2009
Wreck Happens on Hwy. 59 in Sugarland.

11:30 Saturday February 21, 2009
Mom gets a call from Hermann Memorial. Your son has been in an accident, he has been life lighted here. Mom says, "Is he okay?" They respond....can't give you anymore information...Get here fast....code is INDIA 1394. Mom and Dad frantically drive an hour and a half, worrying and crying the whole way there.

11:36 Saturday February 21, 2009
Previously finished packing for our ski trip, had just fallen asleep....phone rings...Nonie tells me that Troy has been in a terrible car accident and doesn't know what has happened. She is frantic. I call mom and dad on cell, agreed that I should call Kip (he had just gotten in from China) Kip got over to the hospital to meet them as they arrived.

Troy's Accident: He had a terrible wreck on Hwy 59 around 8:30pm. He lost control of his truck attempting to get onto 59. He went over the 5 lanes of traffic not hitting anyone...smashed into the huge median wall....went across those 5 lanes again and smashed into the other wall. All cars immediately slowed down and came to a complete stop. No other cars were involved....how unbelievable. He was life lighted to Hermann Memorial. When people arrived on the scene he was unconsious. At Hermann they put him into a drug induced coma and he was on a ventilator. At that point they knew he had broken ribs, lacerated live, every bone in his face was broken or shattered (he had a floating face...described the doctors) and brain injury. They later thought he had ruptured discs in his neck.

I will never forget this night for the rest of my life!!! I will continue to post the things that happened along the way.

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