Sunday, October 25, 2009

3 Months Shy

A recent picture of Troy, getting to do one of the things he loves best. Yes he is a lot on the skinny side! Must be nice!
It is 3 months shy of a year when Troy had his accident. Time is healing his wounds and Troy along with the rest of my family have faced many ups and downs. This proves that things can and will happen to you young or old. Troy has been recovering from his terrible accident and has come along way, much further than the doctors had imagined. That was such an aweful experience for a mother and I have to say my mother is a strong women but to go through this she did what she had to do during this time, but as time went on and Troy recovered her body finally said, "Rhonda you can't handle anymore!" She began suffering from symptoms that were just like Virtigo. She has been having this sypmtoms on a daily basis for several months and finally once she got into a specialist in Houston they were able to diagnose her as having Migranes of the Central Brain...all of this stress has just be way to much for her. It is incurable, but they do have 1 option of medication to try and help her. I hope and pray she can be strong enough for all of us, because we can't live without her! I love her tremendously and I don't think she realizes how much I love her and worry about her. My dad has be a trooper and has become a better man for it! He has helped take care now of not just my brother, but my mother and and my mother's mother. Dad you are awesome and I love you just as much as I love mom! Just as all of this wreck thing had happened, some of you might know that I had gone through some very trying times loosing a huge account which devistated me causing "Stress" and from this I was experiencing vision loss to one eye. The doctors after several month finally realized that I had swelling in the eye causing such problems along with a cataract! Yes, I am only 37! So I have since had the surgery which has made my life miserable...and all I can say is when an old person gets so excited cause they can see again...well it's much different for a young person that was seeing just fine and then bam you can no longer see up close anymore! Not the same! So what I am getting STRESS...can do terrible things. Take it from my mother and myself. When life gives you lemons make a really strong drink and add a twist of lemon!!! Try not to stress as much as is what it is. I am so happy to have my brother today. He might not know his purpose on earth or why god spared him, but time will tell. If you happen upon this entry please leave a comment. It has been a really long time since I have posted and not even sure if anyone looks at this anymore. Thanks!