Saturday, March 28, 2009

Friday was a Great Day!!!

Jonathan and I planned a little day trip to Houston to visit with Troy and my parents. With baseball season starting I just knew it would be a while before I could visit him and I just don't like the idea of not getting to see him on a regular basis. I was absolutely shocked when we walked through the door. He was sitting up in a chair, and not restrained at all! This to me was huge! But best of all, he talked with us, we filled him in on our kids and what had been going on, showed him pictures of Dax and Drew and he began remembering things and really responding to us being there. He and Jonathan talked sports...he told us that he had a dream about Tiger Woods and he realized that apparently he was dreaming the whole money thing. The physical therapist came and got him and we walked with him all over the hospital, outside of the hospital and then he help stretch his legs...he had help, but he did fantastic! He likes to be in a hurry, which throws him off balance, but otherwise he's doing great with walking. Blessed that there was no paralysis. Troy does realize how fortunate he was, and plans on looking at the good that has come out of this. He is alive and with time he'll be back stronger than before. It was so cute, he knew that I was trying to call and check on Drew and he immediately wanted to talk to Drew (this is his little buddy) he told Drew that he had a near death experience and that he'd be okay...he did tell Drew to not drive fast and to wear a seatbelt. Drew was so proud that he remembered him. So I must say we had a fabulous visit. He does have trouble a night...he can't sit still and he can't sleep...I hope this changes before he gets home. He actually looks forward to going home with my parents...he's ready to eat and sleep in a good bed. I truly believe that all of the prayers have gotten him this far...please continue to pray and keep him in your thoughts. Troy we love you...and can't wait for you to be able to read all of this! Also, my parents said this was the best day so far! He has had some great sitters lately...he really likes Nicki, Ty and Vivian...thanks ladies for keeping him company and taking good care of him.


  1. Hey Troy, you better get better soon because I am going to see you all the way from Ft. Lauderdale!!!! You and I are going to PRAISE GOD together and give Him thanks for all He has done and He WILL DO FOR YOU!!!!!
    Take care and keep looking up and smiling.
    LUV YA!!!!!


  2. Thanks Beatriz for the comment! Hey you know my brother is a huge baseball fan...maybe you could get your son's autograph for him...maybe it could say something like get well. I miss you!