Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Gov't Stinks!!!

My question is....Why do we pay insurance? Today my parents found out that Troy's insurance will only pay for 1 week of the mentia program (brain rehabilitation therapy). The doctors say that he needs 3-4 months worth of therapy. They also say that there is nothing they can do to try and get him help for this. Troy's portion would cost approx. 10K and there is no way that he can afford this with the lawyers already hassling him about his hospital bills. I think this is terrible for Troy and the many others that can't receive the help that they so desperately need. Our visit was good. He is walking all over the place and like I've said so many times he is strong physically. He has a long way to go mentally. Our Easter holiday was like no other. My children got to see how fortunate they are to be healthy...I hope Drew realized this. There were so many adults and children at TIRR that were paralyzed from accidents and such. They had a Easter Egg hunt for all the families put on by an employee who herself was paralyzed from an accident. We had a nice time and the day turned out to be so beautiful. I hope everyone had a great day. And if anyone knows of ways to get Troy the help he needs, we'd appreciate hearing from you.

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