Monday, April 6, 2009

New Hospital New Doctors

Well today was a great day. My mom was so impressed with the doctors at TIRR. They were very much wanting to meet with her whereas at the other hospital she saw the doctor one time during his whole stay there. They are evaluating Troy to see where he is at. The doctors agree that he is doing well physically...though he can't walk without help just yet, he looses his balance. They are very concerned with his memory due to the traumatic brain injury...this is definetely a factor that they will be working very hard to get him back on track. The doctors say it could be 1 year to 15 years before this all works itself out. I didn't speak to Troy today, he really wasn't up for talking, so I plan to call him tomorrow.


  1. Troy,

    I have you in my thoughts and prayers...I am coming to see you on Friday if that is okay!!
    I will call when I am on my way...

    Mari Jo

  2. Mari Jo,
    Just wondering if we know you? You must be a friend of Troy's, but haven't heard your name before.