Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Home Recovering

Troy is doing good at home with my parents. I wish I was there enjoying all of the meals and the pampering. He has been busy playing scrabble, going to work with my dad and taking walks with my mom. They are looking into some therapy possibilities in BC, that hopefully insurance will cover. It's not as extensive as the program in Houston, but something is better than nothing. Brent Centilli is talking about a golf tournament for Troy...Brent, if your out there, I haven't forgotten about calling you...but my boys are keeping me busy and when I sit down and think about calling its too late. I promise to call you soon. I think this sounds like an awesome idea. This would help pay for some of the medical bills that have piled up that insurance is not paying or possibly better therapy. Troy is very excited about the thought of getting back to work. Like I said he is going to the office with my dad on occasion, but it is going to take time and patience...and still lots of prayers to get him in full recovery. We are so proud of him this far, he is a trouper and thankful to be alive! My mom can't believe how clean he is, he goes around the house picking things up...as long as he does this, they should be fine!

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  1. Troy, I am so happy you are home now! I bet your parents are just thrilled and are enjoying every minute with you. We are still praying for you here in South Florida. Hope you can visit sometime soon. Believe it or not, I love scrabble too and even though my native language is Spanish I beat my kids!!!!
    Take care and keep trusting Jesus, He will get you through.